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DIY Backyard Courts

DunkStar is a leading manufacturer and provider of premium multi-sport outdoor family courts proudly Made in the USA. Shop a variety of choices for DIY kits, components, and more to create your custom backyard court. Choose colors, sizes and sport options to fit your unique needs and the space you have. Create an attractive space with healthy activities for your family, friends, and neighbors and be the envy of the neighborhood.


DunkStar features modular surfacing options engineered with high quality and performance in mind. Perfect for the “Do-it-Yourself-er”, these athletic floors simply snap together through their time-tested patented interlocking design. No need to call in an expert with complex tools, glues, or epoxies. DunkStar’s easy-to-install flooring provides an instant improvement over cracked concrete or an old, stained subsurface.

Kids installing an easy-to-install DunkStar court
Installation is so simple the whole family can help

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