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DIY Backyard Basketball Courts

Dunkstar is the premier manufacturer of American’s favorite family Basketball and Multi-Game Courts for a reason: we’ve been engineering outdoor game courts for more than 40 years. Our multi-patented and patent-pending designs deliver a surface that gives you superior performance whether you’re practicing or playing for good, healthy family fun.

Each Dunkstar tile features superior UV protection for long-lasting outdoor color performance, aesthetically engineered seamless design, and quick drainage during wet weather. Plus, if you have cracked concrete or a stained subsurface, Dunkstar surfacing is a cost-effective backyard home improvement.

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You and your family can make a lifetime of memories on your Dunkstar environmentally friendly backyard court. We use only the highest-grade virgin polypropylene, which is all 100% recyclable! Once you’ve had your fill of fun on your Dunkstar court, you can return the tiles to be recycled or repurposed. It’s a great alternative to the plastic products that end up in landfills.

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Simply package tiles (sorry, no accessories) and get it ready for return and we’ll arrange for shipping and pay the freight costs. Labor to remove and package the tiles is not included.

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We happily accept all Dunkstar athletic court tiles for recycling, and tiles are in good condition are donated to Habitat for Humanity. This program is part of our commitment to being one of the greenest manufacturing facilities. We’re wholly committed to using processes and technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use less energy.

Father and son installing their basketball court

DIY Court Installation Guide

You can easily install Dunkstar Courts over most solid subsurface. Our patented, time-tested, interlocking court tiles snap together quickly and simply – you just need to spot the difference between a female loop and a male peg. You don’t need special tools or messy, smelly glues, just a concrete pad. But don’t panic! We have specific and simple concrete specs to follow.

So, stop looking for the right court for you and start playing on a Dunkstar Basketball or Multi-game Court. And don’t forget to invite your neighbors.