DIY Basketball Court Installation

You don’t have to know how to build a basketball court to install your new Dunkstar Basketball or Multi-Game Court. Our DIY court installation is as uncomplicated as it gets. You don’t have to use smelly, messy glues, and you can set it up in no time. If it’s a court for the whole family, make setting it up a family event leverage the power of your tribe.

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Tile Installation

Once you’ve prepared a solid, stable subsurface to assemble your court on, you’re ready to install your Dunkstar DIY Court Tiles. Simply begin at one corner and install the first row. Make sure the female loops are all facing in the SAME direction! To connect each tile, align the male pegs with the female loops, and step down firmly until it snaps into place. It couldn’t be easier!



After installing the first row of tiles, align the center of your court with the basketball hoop (in the example shown below, tile 3 would be lined up with the hoop) then continue to add tiles sequentially.



A concrete pad for a basketball court

Concrete or Subsurface Specifications

Dunkstar sports surfaces perform best on hard, flat, stable subsurfaces. These can be concrete, asphalt and if done correctly, compacted base. If you’re installing a new subsurface, check with local resources for best practices for the correct installation. Our Dunkstar concrete guide specification is a handy reference, but local requirements must be accounted for.

Hoop and net installed on a home basketball court

How To Install Basketball Hoops & Game Nets

Components expand the versatility and playability of your court. These are easy to install and use. Just follow the individual installation guides for your components.

A man painting basketball lines on a court

How To Paint Lines

We can pre-paint your court in our factory, or you can paint your game lines after installing the surface. Preparing your court for painting is as simple as taping, cleaning, priming and painting. The paint in our DIY kits is a long-lasting, industrial-grade aliphatic urethane. We’ll supply you with the tools and know-how to put down professional quality game lines.

Children playing basketball on a clean court

Court Cleaning & Maintenance

Dunkstar Outdoor Basketball and Multi-Courts should be swept with a broom, air blower, or water broom periodically depending on the severity of Mother Nature and the elements in your backyard space. Airborne debris like dust and leaves should be hosed off with clean water whenever it’s practical to avoid having debris settle into the court’s surface.


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