Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts

DIY Tennis Courts

Play a doubles match with friends or neighbors and never pay a club guest fee again. Schedule your next match, rain or shine, because you know DunkStar residential tennis courts are safe for play with their self-draining design (no more squeegees or waiting for your court to dry). And don’t hesitate to take your playing game to the next level with the superior shock absorbing technology. Your joints will love you for it.

Need to resurface your old, tired, and cracked tennis court? DunkStar tennis athletic surfacing is engineered to easily cover your old court and hide those unsightly cracks and chipped coatings.

Do-it-Yourself Tennis Courts

We offer a complete line of DIY athletic courts. Our patented design and professional tech support make for an easy installation. We also have a nationwide network of Dunkstar Court installers available.

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