Basketball Hoop – 72″ Backboard


A great hoop system closely replicates the performance of NCAA and NBA hoops, which are a regulation size of 72” W x 42” H. Why use a Dunkstar Hoop System regulation size for your outdoor basketball court? The more you and your family of athletes practices with a regulation-size backboard, the more prepared they’ll be prepared for play on other courts.

Key Features of the DunkStar Hoop Systems:

    42″ Tall x 72″ Wide Tempered clear glass. Regulation basketball size.
    Wide grip, die-formed extension arms — no cut and welded joints. Available in 36″ overhang.
  • HOOP
    Professional grade Dura-Flex rims for aggressive play. Competition Flex Rim with single return spring and enclosed energy box.
  • PADS
    Optional Backboard and Pole Pads for increased safety. UV stable backboard padding for player safety, 16 year warranty on backboard and pole system.
  • POLE
    5″ x 5″ Square DuraCoated steel pole. 1 Primer coat and 2 coats of baked-on acrylic enamel — superior to powder coated parts.
    The external tension height adjustment mechanism is a rugged, high-quality system with the greatest adjustability range among similar height adjustment mechanisms used in the market by competitors.
    Comes with pre-drilled holes compatible with the DunkStar Half-Court Multi-Game Net System to play all your favorite games on one court.

To see general concrete specifications before installation, click here.
The DunkStar 72″ Basketball Hoop System is only available with the purchase of a DunkStar Court.



DunkStar’s basketball hoop system featuring regulation size 72″ backboard and adjustable height. This hoop is also compatible with DunkStar’s Half-Court Multi-Game Net System.

Additional information

Weight 550 lbs
Dimensions 120 × 42 × 48 in

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